- Model GP - Pan Style Sunflower Header



Featuring a simple, robust design, the Fantini GP is unlike conventional headers. It is completely row independent and runs smoothly in any direction, even in adverse field conditions. During operation, the sunflower is guided from the divider points to the knives before the rotor catches the head. Once a stalk is cut the rotor moves the flower to the auger, ensuring continuous feeding. Requiring less maintenance, the GP is a sound option for economically driven farmers and ideal for those with solid seeded flowers.

  • Feeding Auger
    The intake auger perfectly guides the flower head into the feed rake conveyor.
  • Cutting System
    Built from high-quality materials and components, the gearbox and cutting system are designed to ensure exceptional picking speed and minimize crop loss.
  • External Rear Transmission
    Simply designed for easily access, the external rear transmission mechanism is comprised of a Cardan shaft and splined shaft connected to the combine by a PTO shaft.
  • Auger
    The auger is equipped with a safety clutch to ensure the transmission mechanism is solid and reliable.
  • Attachment Kit
    The GP can easily adapt to all combine models, thanks to an attachment kit with adjustable inclination that can be replaced without special training.

  • Effective Cut : 31.5 ft.
  • Width : 32.2 ft
  • Depth : 8.3 ft
  • Weight : 6922 lbs

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