Fanway Fish Feed Machinery

- Model FY-360 - 9FQ Series Fish Feed Hammer Mill 150-250kg/h

With high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure and easy to maintenance, being an ideal feed grinding machine in shrimp and tilapia feed manufacturing process, 9FQ Series Fish Feed Hammer Mill is used to grind fish feed raw materials, such as soybean straw, peanut vines, Ipomoea batatas, and other coarse materials, like branches, peanut hull, sorghum, dried grass etc. This feed grinding machine is comprised of feed hopper, upper and lower body, rotors, screen pieces, wind turbine, and feed delivery pipe. Storage bags or storage bin could be equipped if needed. Parameter of Fish Feed Hammer Mill Model: FY-360 Spindle Speed: 4000r/min Rotor Working Diameter: 360mm Hammer Blade Quantity: 16 Mixing Capacity: 150-250kg/h Power: 5.5-7.5kw If any interest or need, welcome to contact or Skype: fishfeedmachinery

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