Fanway Fish Feed Machinery

- Model FY-500 - Fish Feed Dryer 300-400kg/h

Fish feed dryer is usually used in combination with fish feed cooler in the fish feed pellet line. Fish feed pellets are transported from fish feed extruder to the pellet dryer machine, then being conveyed on the mesh belt which is made of stainless steel. Characteristics of Mesh-belt Type Fish Feed Dryer 1. High-efficiency and energy saving 2. Easy to install and maintain 3. Fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity 4. Convenient drying parameters adjustment, flexible operation, wide adaptation 5. Higher work capacity, the range of drying time is adjustable 6. Standardized production, users can increase the number of segments according to production Parameter of Fish Feed Dryer Model: FY-500 Mesh belt width: 500mm Total power: 10kw Capacity: 300-400kg/h

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