Fanway Fish Feed Machinery

- Model FY-DGP50 - 60-80kg/h Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder

Dry type fish feed extruder is suitable for small- or medium-scale fish farms and fish feed industry, for processing shrimp feed, prawn feed, floating fish feed, sinking fish feed pellets and pet feed pellet. Features of Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Extruder 1.Simple structure, widely used, small flooring space, low noise. 2.We can use dry powder materials to make feed pellets without adding extra water into the dry type fish feed extruder. 3.The dry pellet feed is well processed which is easy for the animals to digest. 4.This fish feed pellet extruder also applies to make pellet feed for rabbits, ducks and the like. What’s more, the pellet feed is more economical than the compound mash feed. 5.There are many different press molds you can choose in according to the size of the pellet that you need. 6.The raw materials used in producing pellet feed is various.

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