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Farm King - Model CX series - Conventional Auger


The New CX series of conventional augers from Farm King are available in lengths of 41', 51' and 61' in both 8' and 10' diameters. The augers feature several enhancements to serviceability and stability and an expanded list of options. Several components have been standardized and redesigned to reduce repair and assembly time as well as to facilitating upgrades. The engine mount and leveling systems have been redesigned to ensure perfect belt tension at any auger position.

Engine Mount
The new engine mount has no moving parts for easy set up. The engine is leveled by the belt guard system which ensures perfect belt tension at every auger position - the separate leveling rod has been eliminated.

Wheel Spindles
The wheel spindles are now a bolt-on style, allowing easy set up and replacement. This also helps facilitate the auger mover installation.

The intake end of the auger flighting is supported by a wooden, self lubricating bushing, which is highly resistant to dirt contamination and is maintenance free.

Auger Mover
The New CX Series of Conventional Auger Movers from Farm King incorporate many changes aimed at improving the function of your CX series auger. Available for the 8' and 10' CX auger lineup, the completely redesigned mover incorporates power steering, hydraulic scissor lift for the intake, sport tread tires, hydraulic winch for auger height adjustment, improved engine mount and leveling systems and longer reach on the intake tube. Many parts have been standardized across the models and the kit is designed for ease of assembly, ease of operation and high maneuverability.

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