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The Farm King grain cart builds on decades of high quality grain handling equipment manufacturing. Farm King products handle grain from the combine to market. Featuring a high capacity 22' unloading auger, standard roll tarp and a rotating unload spout. The Farm King grain cart also features a gravity flow discharge designed to unload directly into pits and auger hoppers. The 1060 and 1360 carts use high quality components and are built to handle the toughest harvest conditions.

Rotating Auger Spout
The rotating unload auger spout allows precise placement of the grain into the trucks. The angle of the corner auger together with the spout direction allows the user to direct grain toward the left or right side of the truck, as well as to fine tune grain placement toward the front or rear of the truck. This arrangement allows good operator control of grain placement without an excessive amount of moving components on the spout. The operator controls the direction of the spout with the tractor's hydraulics.

Direct Driven Augers
Farm King grain carts do not require hydraulic flow to operate the unload auger or floor drag auger. The floor auger is belt driven off of the PTO and the unload auger is driven directly through a gearbox. This eliminates the use of chains and sprockets for auger drives which minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Floor Drag Auger
A floor drag auger is standard on both models. The 1060 and 1360 carts are able to unload smoothly and efficiently as grain is consistently fed into the unload auger. Hydraulic gates control the flow of grain to the augers.

Halogen Work Light
The unload auger is equipped with a halogen work light, allowing the operator to see the truck box for night time operation.

Slip Clutch
The grain carts are equipped with an over-running slip clutch. The slip clutch allows moving parts to come to a gradual stop when the PTO is disengaged, preventing sudden shock loads from being applied to your drive train. The slip clutch will also slip should the unload augers experience excessive load, protecting your equipment from damage.

Roll Tarp
Both the 1060 and 1360 model Farm King grain carts come standard with a Shur-Co roll tarp. Do not get caught in the rain - the roll tarp helps to retain your grain quality in the field and also helps protect the cart itself during storage in the off season.

Bin Access
The grain carts have a front-mounted ladder and internal steps for accessing the grain tank for maintenance purposes. The floor of the grain tank is fitted with a safety grating, allowing the operator to walk along the floor.


AgCam Camera Kit
Farm King offers an AgCam kit for the grain carts, which include a specifically designed rear-facing mount, allowing the operator the view objects behind them. The kit includes the 7” viewing monitor, a remote control, one camera and all mounts and wiring.

AgCam cameras have been engineered to withstand the harshest environments with ease and reliability. Featuring a completely waterproof housing, these cameras can be used in a variety of situations, producing excellent results, day or night. AgCam features a 3 year warranty, auto darkening lens, crimp resistant cables and infrared night vision.

Up to four cameras can be connected to the monitor at once.

Digistar Scale Kits
The Farm King 1060 and 1360 grain carts can be fitted with an optional scale kit, comprised of several wheel spindle load cells and all related connectors and wiring. Scale kits vary by axle type. To complete your scale system, there is a choice of two cab-mounted scale monitors (indicators) – the GT400 and GT460 with Autolog technology.

The GT400 monitor simply reports the weight of grain in the cart, but does not record any data. The GT400 is capable of displaying the weight of each off-loaded batch of grain, but only if the user manually engages the 'Start/Stop' feature each time before unloading the grain. The GT400 is an easy to use indicator for a simple and cost effective scale system. 

The GT460 with Autolog technology automatically records all grain off-loaded from the grain cart and saves the information to memory. A sensor on the PTO shaft tells the computer when grain is being unloaded, and the GT460 will automatically track how much grain is removed, with no user prompts needed. The data can then be exported to a computer via USB memory sticks. The GT460 can also be preprogrammed with field names and operator names from your desktop computer with the included software; settings are uploaded to the GT460 via the USB port. The GT460 is the indicator of choice where management of data is key, as it is a fully automated solution to tracking every pound of grain harvested. 

Axle/Tire Options for the 1060 Grain Cart
The Farm King 1060 grain cart comes standard with a single rigid axle and two 900/60R32 flotation tires, but can also be fitted with a walking tandem axle and four 520/85R38 tires as an option. The walking tandem axle allows each of the four tires to flex (or 'walk') independently of each other, providing a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Color Choices
The Farm King 1060 and 1360 grain cart bin panels are available in four color options: red, green, blue and 'industrial' yellow. The tire rims are available in a choice of cream, bright yellow or grey. (The frame and auger components are black.)

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