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Case IH Farmall® U Series tractors are hard-working, heavy-duty, premium utility tractors with high-capacity hydraulics to handle any application. These premier utility tractors feature full power, full comfort and full features, and they are ideal for demanding livestock duties, larger hay operations and heavy loader work.

Designed for Reliability and Dependability

Engineered for dependable, quiet, clean operation, Farmall® U tractors are powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine that is turbocharged and intercooled, clean burning, fuel efficient, and Tier 4A-emissions certified. The rugged 3.4L (207-CID) engine provides maximum power and torque response:

  • Up to 98 PTO hp (73 kW) to get you through challenging terrain and tough crop and soil conditions

The wastegate turbocharger in Farmall U Series tractors boosts engine power and torque and reduces noise emissions.

Engine Design

  • Similar to larger Case IH tractors, the Farmall U Series tractors feature the groundbreaking engineering of Case IH FPT Engines.
  • Electronic High Pressure Common Rail fuel system delivers fuel preciisely for improved efficiency, less vibration, and faster response to power demands.
  • Long piston stroke promotes high torque output in lugging conditions

From Rugged to Sophisticated, you choose your transmission.
Farmall® U transmission options include an electrohydraulic power shuttle and a 25 mph (40 KPH) top speed (tire size dependent). Choose from a 12x12, 24x24, or 20x20 to fit the way you farm. All transmission options feature a hydraulically engaged wet clutch for smoother performance and longer life.

12x12 Power Shuttle Transmission

  • Includes a clutch-free, electro-hydraulic Power Shuttle for smooth directional changes
  • Features three ranges with four synchronized speeds per range
  • Allows on-the-go shifting between each gear within a range

24x24 Transmission

In addition to the 12x12 transmission features, the 12x12 features a two-speed Powershift:

  • Powershift provides a HI and LO speed in every gear
    • Press the Powershift button on the transmission lever for a 15 percent decrease in speed and an 18 percent increase in torque to pull through tough spots on the go without interrupting PTO speed
  • Power Shuttle provides smooth, clutch-free direction changes and faster cycle times for loader work
    • The shuttle lever is located on the left side of the steering column for fingertip control, freeing your right hand to operate the loader or implement

20x20 Power Shuttle Creeper Transmission

  • Offers an electrohydraulic power shuttle and seven speeds under 1 mph (1.6 kph) for low-speed operations
  • The three-speed range lever and four-speed gearshift lever are conveniently placed to your right
  • Speed transmission gears are synchronized for easy on-the-go shifting within each range

Comfort that will keep you in the field until the job is done.

  • Spacious cab with ergonomically placed controls increase operator comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Redesigned HVAC system creates better airflow for a more comfortable operator environment
  • Curved upper windshield and standard high visibility roof panel increases safety and productivity during loader operation
  • Several seat options with a standard instructional seat
  • Four rubber isolation mounts reduce vibration and noise
  • Six work lamps and two wraparound headlights illuminate your work area

Choose the seat you like:

  • Deluxe fabric seat with mechanical suspension
  • Fully adjustable, swivel air-ride seat with adjustable armrest

Hydraulics for demanding applications

  • High-capacity hydraulic system provides a total flow of 27.1 gpm (102.6 lpm) with 17.1 gpm (64.7 lpm) at the remotes— ample flow for demanding applications
  • Dependable 17.1 gpm (64.7 lpm) hydraulic gear pump provides hydraulic power to the remotes and 3-point hitch
    • Separate steering pump provides 10 gpm (37.9 lpm) to hydrostatic steering system
  • Optional 22.2 gpm (84.0 lpm) implement flow hydraulic pump for more demanding applications
  • Two deluze closed-center rear remotes are standard
    • First remote has detent, float and flow control, which is also available for the second remote
    • Third remote is available


Farmall U Series tractors' tough 3-point hitch is made of forged steel and features:

  • Electronic draft control and position control allow precise settings for draft load, draft sensitivity, working height and max height
  • Easy raise/lower with the push of the button and controls familiar to other Case IH tractors, allows the implement to easily be raised to the max set height, and back down to a consistent working depth
  • Wheel slip limit can be set if radar equipped
  • Remove optional lift capacity.
  • 3,393 (2900 kg) lift capacity
  • Standard telescopic stabilizers and telescopic lower link ends assist in implement attachment
  • Both right and left turnbuckle adjustments for implement leveling ]
  • Optional Front 3-Point Hitch and PTO with lift capacity of 3,968 lbs (1800 kg)

The Take off you demand


  • Fully independent PTO with electrohydraulic engagement provides easy operation
  • Standard 540/1000 RPM PTO
  • Available 540/540E/1000 RPM PTO


Farmall® U axles are available with an MFD axle and are:

  • Rugged design is tough enough to take the punishment of field transport
  • 60-degree turning angle for maximum maneuverability
  • Electrohydrualic rear differential lock engagement, and front axle limited slip differential with electrohydraulic MFD engagement provides maximum traction in slippery conditions
  • Wet-disc brakes for better brake performance

Case IH Attachments and Loaders that will help complete any task thrown at you

  • Choose a Case IH L735 of L745 loader to match a Farmall U Series Tractor
  • Case IH Loaders are available as Skid-Steer Style Quick Attach or Euro Quick Attach, and Non-Self Leveling or Mechanical Self Leveling
    • Mechanical Self Leveling reduces spills and lets you move quickly and confidently
  • Available mechanical joystick or armrest mounted electronic joystick for loader control
  • Clear views of the attachment, load and front tires for outstanding visibility
  • All hydraulic hoses are mounted through the loader booms
    • Keeps them safe and hidden for a clean look
  • Load-sensing accumulator gives you total control of every load
    • Progressive shock absorber is activated by a switch
    • Reduces stress on you and your equipment

Farmall® U tractors are designed to keep uptime at a maximum and your costs down.


  • Check engine oil dipstick without lifting the hood — and check common reservoir oil level for transmission, steering and hydraulics with one dipstick
  • Access engine air filter from the ground
  • Easily inspect all engine components and radiator with gas strut support hood
  • 600-hour oil filter service intervals extend work time and lower operating costs
  • Large, 36.9 gal. (139.7 L) fuel tank with ground level fill point provide long hours of operation
  • Swing out condenser and slide out cooler simplifies radiator clean-out

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