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Farmex Eco Tanks Leaflet



According to our choice variety we can constantly offer repaired tanks of different capacity for the fuel oil storage. Available capacity 1500 - 9000 liters. FARMEX ECO tanks are equipped with sturdy feet, lifting hooks and hatchway. FARMEX ECO tanks are avalaible with different accessories. FARMEX ECO tank is a renovated oil tank, which has undergone FARMEX ECO basic repairing program. It is a safe choice for fuel oil storage. After FARMEX repaired and control all reparing details are being documented, all FARMEX ECO repaired tanks will have their individual register number. Farmex fixing and repairing programme is developed by Farmtools Oy 20 years ago containing 10 steps factory programme. Using FARMEX repaired and fixed fuel oil tanks has been a huge success in Finland due to its economical and environmental benefits. We have more than 40 years of experience and professional skills from fuel oil containers.

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