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FARMEX Storage Tanks Leaflet



The containment basin and the FARMEX eaves are easily removable for maintenance and contol. Inside the basin is a sturdy build tank with feet, which is constructed according to the standard SFS 2733. Inside of the containment basin and underside of the tank is painted. All works with the tank must be accomplished when it's empty, bolts must be opened and tank can be taken off with the help of the lifting hooks. The tank equipped with the containment basin will be longer in a good condition if it's regularly checked for the appearance of the oil leakage.

Standard equipment :

  • oil level gauge
  • 1 piece of internal thread sleeve (diameter 1,0”)  in the tanks of 1350L - 3800L
  • 2 pieces of internal thread sleeve (diameter 1,0”)  in the tanks of 5200L and bigger
  • Camlock - coupling
  • Overfilling protection
  • Farmex pump unit with suction pipe,  check valve and stra
  • Drain plug
  • Lifting loops
  • Hatchway

Suplementary accessories:

  • Manual pump equipment: hand pump, hose, nozzle,   anti-siphon valve, pump cabinet, lock option
  • Electrical pump 230V (56L or 70L),   gauge and automatical nozzle
  • Electrical pump 12V and 24V, without a gauge
  • The suction pipe of the electrical pump and fixing parts

Construction requirements:

  • 450 l - 1500 L, KTM 313/85 44
  • 2000l and bigger, according to the standard SFS 2733
  • Containment basin, according to the standard SFS 2733
  • Control: TUKES/Inspecta controlling service

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