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Farmland Coulter


Farmland now offers the most advanced patented system in Coulter design. Because of its uniqueness, the Coulter can be adapted to many applications.

Exclusive torsion system

  • Adjustable pressure
  • No springs
  • Unrestricted travel for residue or obstacle clearance
  • Low maintenance due to a minimal number of mobing parts


  • Standard 20' disc
  • Heavy duty hub and spindle with triple lip seal
  • Universal mounting to fit most tool bars or cultivator/planter frames


  • Splined shaft allows for reversible mounting system
  • Right hand or left hand
  • Front or rear mount
  • Coulter Swivels


  • Mid-row banding of fertilizer
  • Traditional coulter use
  • Pasture and hayland rejuvenation
  • Residue management

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