Farmland Pin Puller


The days of multiple trips in and out of the cab to remove implement pins are finally over. Now it's one time, every time. Just swing the Farmland Pin Puller into place, hook up the pin, and drive away. Universal mounting bracket mounts to the tongue of most tractors and folds away neatly.

GroundUp Ag of Mayville, North Dakota, is now manufacturing and selling a brand new,  state-of-the-art product. The Farmland Pin Puller, a safe and efficient way of  pulling implement pins, is the latest invention that solves an inconvenient  problem faced by farmers everywhere.
The days of multiple trips on and off the tractor to remove implement  pins are over. Now it’s just one time, every time. Whether you’re simply
disconnecting a piece of equipment in the yard or stuck alone in a field during  a rainy season, just swing the Farmland Pin Puller into place, hook up the pin,  and let the compression spring take care of the rest. 
Bob Eylofson, a Saskatchewan farmer and longtime customer of Troy  Schimke, came to Schimke with the idea and prototype. Wanting to improve on it,  Schimke brought the device to his engineer, Matt Faul of Red E L.L.C.  Engineering, in Fargo. From there they refined the Pin Puller into what it is
today, and the idea has now come to fruition.

Originally, the idea required for holes to be drilled into the fender of  the tractor with steel and bungee cords constructing the initial contraption.
The concept seemed simple, but problems arose such as interference with PTO  shafts, three point hitch arms, and tractor hydraulic lines. To make the
mounting of the product less invasive and more universal, Schimke found the common denominator of the draw bar to be the perfect mounting point. With much  product research and design, Faul and Schimke came up with solutions that will  allow the Farmland Pin Puller’s universal mounting system to be attached to  almost any tractor type or model. Now the Pin Puller bolts onto the tractor draw  bar and can be repositioned, has the option to transport folded up or folded  down, and can be quickly and easily dismantled. All of the positions are easily  interchangeable with the maneuvering of one single bolt.

The key to the Pin Puller’s success is the compression spring loaded in  the horizontal arm in which the Quickie Tie Down is attached. This allows for
six more inches of pin travel for tractors that require longer pins. With safety  in mind, a carabineer, instead of an open hook, is factory installed by Quickie  to prevent the pin from disengaging wildly. While the Pin Puller is doing its  work, the tractor operator may remain safely in the tractor cab rather than  between the tractor and the implement. There is no longer need for one person to  make many trips up and down adjusting the pin, or for a second person to assist.  Once disconnected, the operator may drive away with the pin still in the  carabineer connected to the tractor, ready for the next hook up.

  • Universal mounting to fit most tractors
  • Installs in minutes with no tractor modification
  • Takes seconds to fold and unfold
  • Clears PTO and 3pt arms when not in use
  • A safer way to unhook implements
  • Folds and removes from mount after use
  • Active spring in adjustment arm

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