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THE SK silage trailer range is one of the most talked about designs available in the market place. It is here that we see our latest flagship model demonstrating previously unseen levels of innovation prior to this silage trailer being launched on the market. The SK Farmline silage trailer range features a totally original unique body formation that utilizes laser cut body panels for an accurate fit. The shape and fit of the side panels helps redistribute the forces exerted on the body of the trailer, sending them downward into the chassis, which is designed also do handle the dynamic energy forces during transport. The latest high-tech engineering techniques and sheet metal press forming technologies went into the unique design and manufacturing processes of these silage trailers.

All SK Farmline Trailers feature a single-tipping cylinder that is proven to be superior to the out dated twin-ram system. A single hydraulic cylinder is strategically positioned to provide maximum tipping force and speed while also allowing for greater stability and discharge. The SK Trailers are always able to tip the body, even with the largest heavy loads – a claim other manufactures have not been able to deliver on. A typical load will tip up to 65% faster than conventional designs whether it's wet or dry!

The tipping cylinder is specially manufactured for SK Trailers and all cylinders used in the trailer range are heat treated for strength and also chemically treated with an 'anti corrosion' film on every stage of the cylinder to give long corrosion free life in the harshest conditions.

  • 8 & 10 Stud Axles with slack adjusters optional
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Laser cut press formed hi grade steel body
  • High tip equilibrium chassis system
  • 5mm high grade floor
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Full LED road lighting system
  • Standard with floating boggie suspension system (Sprung suspension optional)
  • Single cylinder tipping system - up to 60% faster
  • 2 tone colour scheme
  • Laser cut body hi-vision panel with clear acrylic cover for vision always

The SK Farmline Silage Trailer exhibits the best 'in body' vision front of any trailer on the market. This feature was developed from years of silage contracting experience where it was found that the operators vision into the trailer during filling was impaired by the grain body framework cross member. With this unique SK design this is no longer an issue.

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