- Model PROFEED 3500/4500 - Feeding System for Offshore Cages


Computerised feeding with PROFEED 3500/4500 means improved farming economy. The system is designed for the highest reliability and maximum ease of use. The flexibility of the program allows the user to select the feeding frequency from once to several hundred times per day, thus creating optimum growth - regardless of weather conditions. Feeding is also continuously matched to water temperature, wave conditions and biomass growth. The feed silo on the top of the FARMOCEAN 4500/3500 holds three tons of dry palletised feed. The computer menu allows the farmer to choose from 15 blocks. With use of the ENTER-key an easy inspection or change of information is possible in the different blocks.


PROFEED 4500 is a computer for the specific needs of fish farming and is ideally suited to control and supervise the feeding of the FARMOCEAN 3500/4500 Offshore Cage.

The following product characteristics have guided the development work of PROFEED 4500:

  • Reliability
  • Easy to use
  • High flexibility


Extensive efforts have been made to obtain a reliable unit. The fish farmer must at all times feel confident that his feed system will function properly under all conditions.

The computer is mounted in a water proof enclosure. All inlets are carefully tightened. Protection from noise, e.g. from radio communication, radar, atmospheric conditions etc., is provided by optocoupled circuits. Components have been selected to meet the climatic stress of an offshore environment: rapid temperature changes, extreme temperatures, high humidity, strong sunlight etc.

Easy to use

The communication between the Operator and the Computer has been simplified as much as possible. A minimum of buttons and keys are employed and the large display provides instructive messages in a simply menu driven format.

The buttons and keys are large and strong to enable activation even in cold weather with gloves on.

The whole computer enclosure is mounted with snap clips making it very easy to replace the complete computer at the unlikely event of total failure.

High flexibility

Perhaps most important to the farmer is a high growth and a low feed factor. Farming conditions may vary from one location to another, one side to another etc. PROFEED 3500/4500 is designed for maximum flexibility meaning that the farmer may feed the fish in an optimum way accordance with existing conditions. It also means that the different computer functions will have different value to different farmers.

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