Farrow Ring Pen



A farrowing pen with a special Farrow Ring is a completely new way to keep the sow doing the farrowing period. In this patented pen design, the sow is loose during the complete lactation period, without compromising the safety and mortality of the piglets.

Measurements of this pen are 180 x 445 cm. The dividers are a combination of open, closed and ventilated pen sides, which supports the natural behavior of the sow.

The Farrow Ring, which creates a nest for the sow, ensures at the same time that the sow is not going to squeeze the piglets against the dividing walls.

The size of the ring provides plenty of space for the sow and the piglets, which creates good access for the piglets during lactation

The pendulum which is mounted above the ring ensures that the sow will not roll over the piglets after lactation. The pendulum moves easily on the cross bar. This does that no matter which side of the ring the sow decides to rest, there will always be room for the piglets.

The piglet corner is shaped in a way, so when the pigs are small, they have a small, restricted area, but as they grow, the area can be increased.

The ring in the pen can easily be removed and the pen can be used as an FT-30 pen. The pen can be supplied with a trough or a feeder as preferred.

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