Model Fase2 - Nutrition Liquid Fertilizers



Fase2 growth nutrients are intended for foliar application in perennial crops such as orchards and vineyards. Formulated to stimulate growth while promoting greater fruit set and bud retention, Fase2 is quickly assimilated into the plant providing additional nutrients and energy for growth and yield enhancement.

Notable increased trunk girth, greater lateral development, and more vertical growth may be observed in young trees, thus allowing them to reach production size sooner or enhance the initial year of production in established perennials. Fase2 will increase the overall health and vigor of many fruiting perennials. Fase2 can enhance both the yield and quality of productions of established perennials as well.

Fase2 can be used on any crop at any growth stage where nutrients are of benefit. It is specially formulated to minimize potential tissue damage when foliar applied.

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