Fedele Mario

Model FAST MIDI - Semi-Automatic Transplanter



To transplant the young plants with small sods of every shape (cylindrical, conical, pyramidal), normal or pre-compressed. Suitable to solve the most difficult transplanting problems with lettuce, suitable for every kind of vegetables,maximumheight of plant not superior to cm. 15. The transplanter is equipped with parallelogram to permit a perfect deep of transplanting and it has a rubber-flex roller that compacts, that gives also the transmission to the transplanting elements. The deep of transplanting is regulated with the rubber-flex earthing-up wheels and it can be adjusted up till cm 8 of deep. The transplanting may be made following the quincunx planting systemtoo. Each element can transplant about 4500 plants per hour with one person. Adjustable the distance inter-row: min. cm. 28 max. cm. 44, over by request. Adjustable inter-plant min. cm 9 max. cm. 139.A

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