Fedele Mario

Model FAST M - Semi-Automatic Transplanter



Transplanter with horizontal rotating feeder with 6 bowls , projected with a long experience and advanced technology. To transplant the young plants with conical and pyramidal ball till cm.3,5 of diameter and from cm.3,5 to cm.6 with kit by request. nter-row adjustable min.cm.35 max by request. Inter-plants adjustable min. cm.9 max cm.83. Suitable for tomato, cabbage, tobacco, fennel and so on.. Adjustable the distances inter-row, inter-plant and in deep of transplanting. Very simple to use and with an high productivity.


  • Kit extension bowls
  • Disc to open the furrow
  • Manure Spreader
  • Micro-granulator
  • Water mixer
  • Premoulde
  • Tilling pur
  • Row tracer
  • Tank 300 lt.
  • Rotating cell-holder for 4 traies
  • 5 shelf cell-holder
  • Rotating cell-holder for 6 traies
  • Supplementary cell-holder for 8 traies

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