- Model RB 3 - Round-bale Wagon


The Fasterholt RB3 is a round-bale wagon, which simplifies the work with collecting the round-bales in the field. The RB3 round-bale wagon, which is patent applied, is connected directly on the round-baler where it holds back up to three round-bales. This implies that you can unload in one or only a few collection areas in the field. This lightens the collection and makes the loading and wrapping much easier.

The RB3 wagon has a loading bow in front that picks up the bales, when they leave the baler. Then the loading bow lifts the bales onto the wagon, which have a sloping bottom, and the bales run backwards until they are caugt by the two catch-arms. These keep the bales in place until you reach the unloading area. When unloading, the two catch-arms are loosened, the wagon is tilted and the bales run of.
The Fasterholt RB3 holds up till three round-bales at a time and is made in the well known solid and hardwearing quality from Fasterholt Maskinfabrik.
Technical data:

  • Height: 1,90 m (w/loading bow lifted)
  • Length: 8,20 m
  • Width: 2,34 m
  • Tires: 15.0 / 55-17
  • Capacity: Up to three round-bales at 190 cm in diameter and 120 cm in width.
  • Delivered with: El-hydraulic valve and el-box to shift between loading and unloading of bales. Statutory light and marking devise and reflector.

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