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- Model 5005 P/T - Milk Analyzer


fatscan is a hand held Milk Analyzer for simple use at the Dairy Farms/Dairies/Milk Collection Centres. It provides fast and accurate determination of the Fat & SNF contents in raw milk. The measurement principle is related from the NIR reflection - spectrometry. fatscan measures the characteristics of milk most accurately. It is based on the advanced and trusted NIR technology approved for the Food & Pharma Industry worldwide. It can serve for a much longer duration as compared to the present range of milk analyzers. It does not require technical maintenance.


  • Low After Sale expenses
  • Based on an innovative NIR Technology
  • Low expense for maintenance and service
  • High Accuracy
  • Easy to operate 
  • No Moving Mechanical parts 
  • PC Data Capturing Software 
  • Self-diagnostics


UHT MILK / PROCESSED MILK (Pasteurized and Homogenized)
FAT% :- Measuring Range: 1.50% - 5.0%

COW MILK / PROCESSED MILK (Pasteurized and Homogenized)
FAT% :- MEASURING RANGE: 1.5% - 6.0%

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