Favaro cav. Antonio S.r.l.

- Model OVS25 - Mounted Sprayers, Trailed Atomizers



Sprayers OVS maximize the effectiveness of interventions on vineyards and orchards, thanks to the applied technology. Absolute protection, extreme precision castings for a drastic reduction of the drift, maneuverability, energy and sprayed product-saving: the benefits required for a machine to work effectively and in compliance with European treatments regulations.

  • Optimal: Adaptable to all types of vineyards and orchards
  • Variable: Variable inclination of the conveyars
  • Symmetric: Perfect symmetry of air thanks of two indipendent turbines

Always On Target

  1. Independent conveyors tilting of 180°
  2. extremely effective for espalier, pergolas and terraced cultivations
  3. hydraulic device for the inclination of the turbines (optional)
  4. also suitable for tratment of tall trees

Parfect Symmetry

  1. Counter-rotating turbines
  2. Independent conveyors
  3. Airflow turbulence-free

Power and Efficiency

  1. High speed outlet
  2. Enhanced penetration into the leaf mass
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Low noise

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