- Model FB-10 - Firewood Bundler



DYNA Products Firewood Bundlers quickly wrap 12” to 24” long firewood bundles, a great way to package your small firewood pieces for campgrounds, gas stations, and gourmet markets. Plus, bundling is a great way to get more money for your cut and split firewood. A single cord becomes 128 one cubic foot bundles, and at an average retail price of $5 per firewood bundle, that's $640 per cord before expenses! If you bundled and sold 50 cords per year, you'd be grossing $32,000.

  • Speak with a salesperson today about the benefits of bundling your FB-10 Firewood Bundler with a Firewood Processor.
  • Remember to add your labels to the packaging to brand your bundles!
  • Looking for replacement wrap? We recommend ULINE: Buy Online

  • Lengths: 12' - 24'
  • Bundle Sizes: 1 cubic foot
  • Power: 1/4 HP 115V Motor
  • Wrap Cycle Time: 12 - 15 seconds
  • Control Method: Foot Control Switch

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