Model F - Bed Former



It is a tool used to prepare specific soil for vegetable growing. It is used immediately after ploughing and makes it  possible to prepare a seedbed or flat-lands planting.

The bed former is composed of:

  • a cutter shaft with blades that turns in the same direction as the moving tractor
  • a rear rake with teeth that turns in the opposite direction

The front rotor (cutter shaft) pulverizes the soil without smoothing out the bottom thanks to the shallow incline of the blades.

The rear rotor (rake) breaks up the clods, rakes off, levels and caps the soil. All SIMON rakes are equipped with a control mechanism (Patent) to prevent the tray from collapsing in the center.

  • Making a bed in one pass
  • Work between the tractor wheels so no risk of planting or sowing where the tractor has passed
  • Seedbed scientifically structured, that is :
  • On the surface of the bed, fine and aerated soil
  • Underneath, progressively small, then medium and finally big clods

Such a structure makes for :

  • good filtration of rainwater
  • controlled level of wetness
  • early shooting
  • uniform growth
  • high productivity

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