Model SPL-FBR - Impressed Current Linear Anode



The SPL-FBR-Anode is primarily used along pipelines, in congested areas and beneath above ground storage tanks (ASTs). It is available in all standard SPL-Anode current outputs and in long continuous lengths. It is a complete, ready to install anode system encased in coke backfill. The SPL-FBR-Anode is available in standard long lengths of 1,500 or 1,640 feet (147 or 500 meters); custom lengths are also available.

  • Single package impressed current linear anode system with uniform current distribution
  • Flexible
  • Can be installed by cable plow, trenching or other methods
  • Continuous mixed metal oxide anode
  • Uses patented MATCOR Kynex® waterproof connections.

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