Model FCM - Fry Counter


Dimensions: Counter Unit: 15 W X 12 L X 17 H. Control Panel: 8 W X 7 L X 4 H. Storage Box: 15 W X 21½ L X 12½ H. Weight: 17 pounds (7.65 kg.). Hopper Capacity: 1½ gallon. Counting Capacity: 1 million fry per hour. Water Supply: Requires 10 lbs. pressure. Electrical: 110V, ½ amp or 220v, ½ amp. Case: ABS & acrylic plastics. Specifications: Solid state LCD, digital display.. Infra-red detection system.. Retains count until manually reset. Accuracy: Up to 98% . Counts: Small fry such as Walleye, Striped Bass, Perch, Shad, Golden Shiners and many saltwater species

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