De Pietri S.r.l.

Model FCS 320 - Self Propelled Mowing-Conditioning Machine



This new mowing-conditioning machine, which has been over the strictest tests, is suitable for the medium/big farms and subcontractors. Thanks to the high comfort the operators are able to carry out an inconceivable quantity of work up to now never reached, obtaining in this way, important results as well as a mowed and conditioned product in the best way. This machine is approved for running on roads with a bar-holding truck without any permission or as a special transport vehicle with a seasonal permit. Based on a 40 year experience in the construction of self-propelled machines, De Pietri has utilised the best components for its FCS 320, endowing it with a driving position fitted with all comforts: a wide airconditioned cabin, a pneumatic seat with 4 adjustable positions, a control-unit with joy-stick and complete instrumentation with motor-car characteristics.

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