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Model FCT 26 - Self-Loading Wagon



FCT wagons are extremely functional machines as they are a result of the union of a loading wagon with a rotating mower. The mowing bar is solidly hinged to the carrying structure of the machine but at the same time it is independent from the wagon as it adapts itself to any unevenness of the ground assuring perfect mowing on undulating areas. The elevator placed on the back of the rotating mower loads the forage directly preventing it from falling on the ground, what assures the maximum cleanness of the product.  A lifting piston operates directly on the mowing bar and, automatically at the end of stroke, on the elevator allowing a major height from the ground. The hydraulic drawbar assures an extremely wide range of working positions.  All the components of the hydraulic system of the machine are put into motion by the movement of the PTO that can be operated from the tractor.

Technical characteristics:
The machine is suitable for small and medium-sized farms; it can
work on flat or hilly areas.

Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulically shifted drawbar
  • 2-drum rotating mower width 1.85 m
  • Mower height adjustable by means of a hydraulic cylinder
  • 7-fork elevator
  • Mechanical unloading conveyor belt
  • Hydraulic group with independent pomp
  • 3-5 cutting knives in the elevator
  • Hydraulic valve – protective cover
  • Universal joint – mechanical brake –lighting system

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