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- Antibiotic Free All Vegetable Blend



FE Antibiotic Free All Veg is a carefully manufactured natural energy source scientifically derived from processing vegetable oil-seed products that are certified to be antibiotic free. Naturally rich in antioxidants and guaranteed to include no corn oil and no antibiotics, FE Antibiotic Free All Veg assures you of the highest energy source available for the best performance possible in a natural feeding program for livestock and poultry. FE Antibiotic Free All Veg is also guaranteed to contain 4,000 kilocalories of metabolizable energy per pound. All Feed Energy products are backed by the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification.

  • Metabolizable Energy Calories (Kcal/lb.) : 4,000
  • Total Fatty Acids : 92.0%
  • Moisture : 2.0%
  • Insoluble Impurities : 1.0%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter : 2.0%
  • Linoleic Fatty Acid : 45.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids : 55.0%
  • Dioxins (via electron capture) : Negative
  • Pesticides and PCB : Below FDA/EPA tolerance levels
  • Stability< 5 Initial P.V., under 20 meq @ 20 Hrs.
  • Preservative : Mixed Tocopherols

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