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Bull Hog Brush Cutters Sales - Chesapeake carries a wide range of Bull Hog Brush Cutters for sale. If you are looking for a Bull Hog Brush Cutter and you do not see it on our list, call us. Chances are we can locate the Bull Hog Brush Cutters you're looking for. The Bull Hog is the one machine that can do it all. The Bull Hog reduces brush and wood quickly, safely, and at the lowest possible cost. Hydraulically powered or used in conjunction with a tractor PTO, the Bull Hog is safer and more versatile than rotary mowers. Its heavy duty construction and its endless number of applications make the Bull Hog the most practical wood shredder in the world.

Land Clearing & Right-of-Way (R.O.W.) 
The Bull Hog quickly and easily cuts brush, trees, stumps, and so much more, down to ground level. It is most commonly used for right-of-ways, fire breaks, fuel reduction, commercial development, slash reduction, and flood control channels. There are no limits to the size or quantity of material that can be processed. And the Bull Hog will shred any material into a variety of textures, from coarse to fine. 

Municipal & Agricultural 
The Bull Hog is optimal for clearing lots, storm debris, right-ofways, recreational trails, golf courses, parks, orchard pruning, fence rows, and pasture restoration. It can even be used to process municipal brush and yard waste. When combined with a tractor-loader or skid-loader the Bull hog package becomes both the grinder and windrow turner for small composting operations. Farmers, ranchers, and municipalities have a great opportunity with the Bull Hog. 

Forest Fire & Urban Interface
The Bull Hog is ideal for reducing fuel loads in the urban interface and forests to prevent or fight fires. Dense brush, large or small diameter trees, and slash piles can be reduced to a coarse mulch above the soil or a fine mulch incorporated into the soil surface. Bull Hogs can thin timber stands or clear around structures on both public and private lands with minimal environmental impact. When mounted on the appropriate carrier the Bull Hog economically reduces the number of people and machines needed for cutting fire lines on active fires or for rehabilitation of the forest after a fire.

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