Daltec A/S

Feed Drops



Standard feed drops that are easy to mount by sliding the two halves together. All Daltec feed-drops are available with stainless shutters to ensure a long lifespan.

Drops 60- & 63 Systems
Feed drops with extra large openings that can handle feed flow from a 60- or 63 system. This also makes the drops very suitable for phase feeding when equipped with phase-slides, where it is important that the tube is emptied by one drop at the time. Fits 075mm drop tube.

Drops 50,8mm
Easy to mount and can assembled or taken apart without the use of tools. The drop fits both 053mm and 063mm drop tube.

Phase slides
Stainless slides for 2- and 3-phase feeding are available for all Daltec feed drops. All phase slides have 0-position, in the case no feed is needed at the feeder

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