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AminoMax bypass plant proteins are blended to meet your high standards. It allows you to custom-blend amino-acid-rich formulations to meet the specific needs of your most demanding dairy producers and nutritionists. AminoMax performance blended plant proteins create maximum bypass and bioavailability. When consumed, it protects against rumen degradation by physically blocking enzyme binding sites on protein molecules. Low pH in the abomasums causes protein molecules to then “unwind” making binding sites available again, resulting in full digestion of essential amino acids. Lastly, decreasing crude protein helps improve protein efficiency and energy status of the cow, all while decreasing the amount of nitrogen excreted.

AminoMax helps deliver a better feed product to dairy operations of all sizes. Feeding more on-farm forage creates rapidly digested starches, optimizes milk production and reduces costs. AminoMax is also used to feed both fermentable forage and carbohydrates to enhance rumen health, improve milk components and offset short and/or poor-quality forage.

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