Feed Pressing (Crushing) Machine


Specifications: For animal husbandry is one of the most important issues is the bait. Animal feed crusher & mixer is used to first crushing the grains then mixing the grain powders for animal feed.

Animal feed crusher & mixer usually is matched using for the feed pellet mill for the animal feed processing. It is the necessary equipment for small farms, prive workshops. Before pelleting, the corn, grains materials are put into the crusher for crusing, then are mixed in the drum completely. The mixed fine grains are easy for animal digestion.

The animal feed crusher & mixer, pellet machine for animal feed will help you to set up your own career. The feed crusher & mixer is sold quite well all over the world, especially in African market, South European market, South Asia market, etc.

We also can design and procude the crusher&mixer and feed pellet mill based on single phase electricity, which can be used in your own small farm. For some electricity-laction areas, we also can match the pellet mill and the crusher & mixer with diesel engine. No need electricity to use, you also can run the pellet machines normally.

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