A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH

Feed Silos for Farm Animals



The flexible A.B.S. feed silos for farm animals made of active-breathing, very strong, uncoated and durable high-tech polyester fabric guarantee constant animal feed quality without the formation of mould and baking solid.The silo construction is adapted to suit the special requirements of the products with regard to filter lid, outlet diameter, inclination, step cone, ventilation cone, emergency outlet, additional filters etc.

  • Bulk goods weight for animal feed: 0.6 t/m³
  • Ground clearance: 0.65 m
  • For a filling pipe an additional height of approx. 0.4 – 0.6 m will be required above the silo. The scope of delivery for the filling pipe includes a 3“ TW coupling, hose clamp and 2 pipe clamps for fastening
  • The feed silo for farm animals is available with a steel support frame or a steel frame (also double or multiple frame)
  • Stuko® for difficult flow-out fodder for automatic feeding systems e.g. for lay meal

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