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Feeding calves is heavy physical work, and moving 100 kg or more several times a day is not an infrequent occurrence. Coping with inclines, rough terrain, or ice and snow during the winter is especially difficult. The Urban MilkShuttle has been specifically designed with a view towards such daily challenges:

3 wheels for optimum mobility and all-terrain capability - especially for steps, rough terrain and during the winter

  • No sudden setting in motion: Automatic stop for secure park position even on hills
  • Available with and without drive
  • Extremely small turning circle
  • Well thought-out functions
  • Practical accessories

All-terrain capable thanks to 3 large wheels and a strong electric drive

  • Drive and large tyres
  • Both ensure you can reach your calves effortlessly, even when dealing with:
  • Snow, ice
  • Rubble
  • Inclines
  • Steps

Urban MilkShuttle Well-thought-out – This is where the fun starts!

Strong electric drive
  • Speed which adapts to your walking pace
  • Infinitely variable transmission
  • Forwards and backwards gear
Puncture-resistant tyres

Never get up in the morning again to discover you first need to repair a flat - our tyres now have as standard a highly elastic synthetic material core instead of being filled with air. This makes them puncture-proof and maintenance-free. In addition, the own weight of the tyres also helps stabilise the extremely all-terrain capable MilkShuttle.

  • Control panel – simple and clear – all relevant data such as charge condition of battery or actual temperature of milk are quickly retrieved
  • 3 different starting times (morning, noon, evening) for heating up milk
  • Can be equipped as of 150 litres with small (3kw) and large (6kw) heating power
  • For quick heating to optimal feed temperature
2-stage agitator for whole milk or CMR

Slow stage for gentle mixing of whole milk during heating – the interval timer prevents the milk from burning.

Mixing table in the lid

Always mix the water and milk powder correctly for perfect feed concentration.

Simple dosing out

Programming of 3 different dosing out amounts. The preset amount is dosed out and the milk flow stops automatically after the required amount has been issued.

Ergonomically formed pump nozzle

Used like at the petrol station: large buckets or troughs are easy to fill this way.

Well thought through milk tank

The indestructible quantity scale in the container serves to reliably read the milk feed quantity.


The cleaning water circulating through the hose cleans the container, the hose and the pump nozzle from the inside.

MilkShuttle Pasteur

The MilkShuttle with pasteurization function

  • Temperature during pasteurizing phase adjustable gentle pasteurization is also possible
  • Cooling via intermediate floor – small amounts as of 10 litres can be cooled
  • Energy efficient
Pasteurizing the right way – seamlessly and without recontamination

During pasteurization, the heating of the milk reliably kills off germs and bacteria. The milks is more digestible for your calves, and problems with diarrhoea are avoided.

Pasteurizing is not equal to pasteurizing!

With the Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur you have a powerful heater (6kW) and an efficient cooling. The slowly rotating agitator ensures continuous and complete circulation of the entire container content. It also prevents the milk from foaming, which can be a reason for incomplete pasteurization.

Heating/Cooling unit in the housing floor

For the Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur, the heating/ cooling unit is in the housing floor below the milk. Even smallest amounts of milk can be cooled quickly and efficiently without losing thermal energy via the outer wall of the container.

Urban MilkShuttle + Caddy Everything with you

Take buckets and other equipment directly with you
Many dairy farmers are happy users of the MilkShuttle for their daily job in feeding calves. Not only milk must be transported to the hungry calves, even the buckets and colostrum cans are necessary. The new developed Caddy – a trailer for the MilkShuttle reduce your walking and carrying every day. The Caddy holds up to 24 buckets, milk cans and all the necessary equipment you need along your calves like medicine, grain-feed, water etc. You can place the buckets in two ways, so they can be hooked even down-side to dry out properly. The extra-large tires of the Caddy will bring all your equipment through mud, ice, snow and are stable enough to run on incline grounds as well.


Added extras make the MilkShuttle even more indispensable for calf feeding.

The vacuum lid of the MilkShuttle simplifies filling in milk from milk cans. The can holder transports two milk cans or feed bowls to the hutches, thus saving an extra work step.

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