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Feeding System for Piglets



Apart from dry feeding, liquid feeding for piglets has established more and more over the past few years.

  • Little piglets prefer feed in liquid form (breast milk).
  • The properties of liquid feed are closest to this preferred feed intake.
  • High-quality liquid feed results in maximum feed intake.
  • Maximum feed intake in turn results in maximum efficiency of the piglets.
  • A good combination of feed and water (liquid feed) ensures minimum stress on the digestive tract of the piglets.
  • As a consequence, optimal health condition and high performance are reached.
  • The feed consumption, which is under optimal conditions by far higher with liquid feed compared to dry feed, guarantees amongst others also the piglets' weight increase.
  • Higher weight increases mean higher profits. Increases of 10 - 50 g per piglet and day during the whole growing period can be realized by TEWE liquid feeding systems compared with dry feeding systems.
  • Data from practical deployment of TEWE liquid feeding systems show daily weight increases of up to 600 g during the growing phase of 6 - 30 kg of live weight.
  • An additional increase of only 10 g/day means in a stock of 1000 pigs 10 kg/day or 3600 kg/year.
  • TEWE liquid feeding systems for piglets ensure the highest possible level of hygiene and this is the basis for each kind of supply by liquid feed!

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