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- Model 2 - Tractor Tow


Able to handle 2 big square bales (8x4x4 or 8x4x3). Can accommodate round bales. Able to handle silage. PTO-drive unit (for towing by tractor).

Ashmore Engineering’s FEEDMAX Feed-out Trailers produce significant economic benefits in the feed-out operation.

The most significant feature of Ashmore Engineering's FEEDMAX Feed-out Trailers is that they tease out the hay into windrows. The benefit of the 'tease out' function is 3-fold:

  • It makes the hay 'softer' and thus more palatable to stock, increasing its feed usage, meaning you will get more feed value from the hay
  • By creating a long continuous windrow, it enables even access to the hay for all stock. This reduces contamination and wastage of the hay through 'trampling' where stock are competing for access to smaller clumps of hay
  • It enables the FEEDMAX Feed-out trailers to additionally be used for teasing out bales with excessive moisture content for re-baling

The 'tease out' function of the FEEDMAX Feed-out trailers have generated testimonials from the market of producing an increased feed usage of the hay of 30-50%. This reduction in wastage produces a significant return on your investment.

Another economic benefit of Ashmore Engineering’s FEEDMAX Feed-out Trailers is that they reduce labour costs by enabling the feed-out operation to be undertaken by one person. Further, they vastly improve occupational safety in a practice traditionally characterised by physical strain. This is of particular importance when the operation is undertaken by farmers who are elderly or by hired labour.

The rotors on FEEDMAX Feed-out Trailers are driven independent of the floor chain. The capacity to vary both the drive speed of the rotors and the rate of feed of bales to the rotors creates the capacity to significantly vary the size of windrow produced. It also creates the capacity to vary the coarseness of the material: a higher rotor speed to floor chain speed ratio produces finer material, a higher floor chain speed to rotor speed ratio produces more coarse material (this is also contingent on the moisture content of the bales being fed out, as high moisture content limits the capacity to produce finer material).

FEEDMAX Feed-out Trailers are designed primarily to handle big square bales, but can also accommodate round bales and silage.

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