Feeds for Ornamental Fish


Our nutrition and technological know-how allows us to supply highest quality feeds for ornamental fish. These feeds are formulated to meet all nutritional requirements for fish health, while maintaining water quality in optimal conditions.

Our high range of feeds-on-demand may contain:

  • Natural antioxidants, carotenoids and other pigments to improve fish colour and welfare
  • Microalgae rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids and other natural products
  • Prebiotics, probiotics and specific vitamin doses.

Premium grade feed ingredients

A specific line for Koi carp is available, developed based on a strong own R&D effort.

We have structural collaborations with several Universities and aquarium fish breeders, to further improve our products. We are open to joint projects to develop specific feeds for fish and other aquatic organisms.

This product was developed with support from project QREN I&DT – Individual ANYFISH (1460), with support of:

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