- Model SM 168, 208, 248, 288 - Classic Mower



Because of their lightweight construction, FELLA disc mowers with inner skid are especially suitable for use with smaller tractors. The adjustable lower link pins allow a combination with an extremely wide variety of different tractors and tyre widths.In addition, the low weight, together with the cutter bar spring relief system (fitted as standard) encourages a low ground surface pressure and, as a result, a less compaction of the field.

  • Elastic V-belt drive with automatic V-belt tensioning

  •  Spring-loaded impact guard system: optimum protection if an obstruction is encountered when driving

  •  Cutter bar with spring relief

  •  Track adaptation thanks to adjustable lower link pin

  •  Protective sheet which can be folded on both sides for good accessibility during  cleaning and maintenance work

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