Agricultural Fence Posts Systems



Franklin Industries Co.’s Famous Gold Crown and Green/Light Grey Fence Posts are made from High-Strength Rail Steel and coated with high quality enamel paints to last years longer than other posts in the field. Even unfinished posts, used in silt fences, orchards, and vineyards, benefit from rail steel’s inherent weathering resistance. For posts that will last for decades, hot dip galvanizing is also available. Listed below is a table of steel fence posts specifications followed by detailed specifications of dimensions for both Studded “T” Fence Posts as well as punched Fence Posts.

  • Material: Posts are produced from standard 'T' rails weighing 91 lbs/yd or more according to ASTM A499 Grade 60; or ASTM A702 (1.33 lbs/ft only).
  • Finish: Posts are either painted with baked green enamel, hot dip galvanized per ASTM A123, or unfinished.
  • Studded 'T' Posts: The weight of each post is 0.95, 1.25 or 1.33 lbs/ft. Studs are spaced uniformly along the length of the 'T' shaped post.
  • Punched 'U' Posts: The weight is 1.12 lbs/ft. Holes are punched for easy wire attachment along the length of the 'U' shaped post.
  • Anchor Plates: Standard on 1.25 and 1.33 lbs/ft Studded 'T' Posts, securely swaged on the studs, and on 1.12 Self Fastening 'U' Posts attached with rivets.
  • Wire Fasteners: Five pre-formed wire fastners are included with each painted 'T' post. Fasteners are not supplied with 'U' Posts.
  • Bundling: Painted posts are banded in 3 piece subbundles in 200 piece master bundles, on blocking.

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