- Model FN / FN_L - 3-Row Versatile Cultivator



FENIX FN/FN_L is a simple 3-row versatile cultivator suitable for smaller and medium sized farms which are looking for tools that provide options and versatility. The Fenix FN/FN_L can be used for various working operations from shallow stubble cultivation to deep tilling. Thanks to the variety of share and chisel types which can be affixed to the tines, you can work at various depths with various tillage intensities.

  • Machine type: mounted versatile 3-row cultivator
  • Operating components: 3 rows of tiness (280 mm arrow-shaped shares, chisels 60/80 mm or Long Life chisels 40/80 mm, winged chisels),
  • levelling discs/spring levellers,
  • rear packer (tube, steel ring, roadpacker, spring, V-ring, U-ring, double packer)
  • Securing: vertical double spring auto-reset system (FN) / horizontal single spring auto-reset system (FN_L) or shear bolt (FN_L)
  • Usage: shallow stubble cultivation, intense medium depth loosening, deep loosening with high quality mixing of crop residue
  • Working operations: intensive cultivation at the chosen depth (depending on the shares or chisels used), evenly mixed plant residue, capillary disruption, surface levelling (using spring or discs), levelling, compacting, sowing intercrops (Alfa Drill)

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