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- Model 8700 Series 205 - 290 PTO hp - Tractor


The new Massey Ferguson 8700 Series high horse power tractors are more productive than ever and are much more capable of getting the job done.

Model: Engine: Max Power hp

  • MF 8727: AP84-4:AGCO Power™ 8.4L, Tier 4 Final: 205 Max Power HP
  • MF 8730: AP84-4:AGCO Power™ 8.4L, Tier 4 Final: 225 Max Power HP
  • MF 8732: AP84-4:AGCO Power™ 8.4L, Tier 4 Final: 250 Max Power HP
  • MF 8735: AP84-4:AGCO Power™ 8.4L, Tier 4 Final: 275 Max Power HP
  • MF 8737: AP84-4:AGCO Power™ 8.4L, Tier 4 Final: 290 Max Power HP

More of everything you’re looking for. That’s the only way to describe how much improved our new 8700 Series is over the previous models. And how much more capable these machines are of getting the job done. Virtually everything about them is significantly advanced. Completely versatile with best-in-class visibility and unmatched ride quality, the 8700 Series now delivers more horsepower and torque than ever – perfect for today’s demanding farming applications.

New Electronic Dash Display

Improvements have been made to the Electronic Dash Display that make the indicator lights easier to read and improve the operator’s overall experience. Additionally the Set-up & Information Screen (SIS) is 50% larger, with 10 times better resolution. 

New front 3-point hitch, front PTO and increased hydraulic flow. From handling triple mowers to snow blowers, the new front end capability of the 8700 Series now makes you more productive all the way around. And we’ve added the hydraulic muscle to back it up, with 54 gallons per minute. Massey Ferguson continues to provide industry-leading hydraulic flow management and the most stable flow possible, for precise implement control.

New cab layout and B pillar

Welcome to our most advanced workspace ever. It includes a new B pillar with soft keys that are logically placed and easy to use. The pillar also incorporates Speedsteer controls, cab suspension settings, front axle suspension, differential lock and 4-Wheel Drive controls. Similar to the B pillar in our 7600 Series, it allows those Massey owners to simply get in and go. And the 8700 Series comes AGCOMMAND ready, with AUTO-GUIDE 3000 standard.

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