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- Model Low Bed - Forestry Trailer



This design is meant to maximize volume capacity and axle load. The advantages are : Tub capacity up to 90 cu ft Configuration available with 11R22.5 or 275/70R22 The degree of rear slope offers a more rapid and efficient unloading time Floors are of made of Pine wood Capacities varying between 4490 and 4530 cu ft.


  • The vat can contain up to 90 cube feet
  • Configuration either 275\70R22.5 or 11R22.5
  • The degree of the slope helps to unload faster and more efficiently
  • The floor is entirely covered with red pine wood planks. (two thickness: 7\8 and 1 1\8)
  • Capacity varying between 4440 and 4530 cube feet according to the choice of dimension of the tires.

High volume model

  • This high capacity model owns all the profitable aspects of the lowered floor model but has been designed with a dropped
  • suspension to retrieve the maximum volume at the very rear portion of the semi-trailer.
  • The front section of the semi-trailer has been redesigned as well. Only available with tires 275\70R22.5 on tridem and 385\55R22.5 on the self-steer axle.
  • The maximum volume can reach up to 4690 pi cube fully insulated.

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