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- Model MT14P0RRFA - 3 PT Mowers



The Ferri MT Flail Mowers are designed for Mid Size Tractors. The advantage of a flail mower over a brush mower is that the cut will be much better looking and appears manicured. The advantage of a flail mower over the standard rotary blade mower is that the flail mower can hit rocks and brush and not cause damage to the mower blades or deck. Ferri offers the Version A of the MT Flail Mower. The central mounting bracket linkage is bolted onto the mower frame. The bracket can be bolted to the side also allowing the mower to be offset to the tractor. This is a very economic solution.

  • Tractor Horsepower: 30 to 45 HP
  • Cutting Width: 4′ 7″
  • Overall Width: 5′ 0″
  • Working Positions: 26″ - 29″ / 18″ - 41″ (From tractor center line to head edge respectively)
  • PTO RPMs: 540
  • Rotor RPMs: 2280
  • Articulated “Y” Blades: 32
  • Hammer Blades: 16
  • Blade Tip Speed: 1800 (in/sec)

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