- Model SK Series - Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Systems



A liquid fertilizer distribution kit designed with a fixed orifice that will deliver the precise placement of fertilizer at a predetermined application rate. The custom designed system can be used with various row spacings on today’s seeding equipment.


  • The EvenFlo SK-Series operates by metering each outlet individually with a colour-coded orifice (see application chart), which can be changed easily.
  • Being a pressurized system it allows for frame mounting of the manifolds, eliminating problems encountered with high stands on multiple folding implements. The frame mount gives safe and convenient access to the manifolds for changing orifices while standing on the ground.
  • The closed pressurized system is a drip free system, helping to keep your equipment like new. Each outlet has a diaphragm check valve, which prevents drainage of hoses when stopped or while turning corners with the pump disengaged.
  • NOTE: It requires approx. 10-12 psi to open the diaphragms, so we suggest you not operate the system less than 20 psi or all the outlets may not open causing uneven distribution!  In line check valves are not required with the SK series distribution kit, as diaphragm check valves on the nozzle bodies are already ensuring that the lines will not drain when not in use.
  • The 1/4” I.D. flexible nylon braided hose makes for neat, easy and long lasting installation.  A large filter near the distributor and slotted strainers attached to each orifice makes it easy to keep the product clean, which will help prevent plugged orifices. NOTE: the orifices have a small diameter opening so it is important to keep all the filters clean! CLEAN FILTERS DAILY! It is very important that the SK-Series System not to be operated with missing or mismatched orifices. A quick way to check for plugged or missing orifices, is to drive over a bare piece of ground with the implement out of the ground and the fertilizer pump engaged, stop and check the ground for missing rows or also rows that are heavier applied than the rest, which can be caused by a missing or plugged orifice.

Distribution kit includes:

  • Custom built manifold/boom sections to match your seeding tool
  • Dripless boom nozzles c/w application orifices
  • 1/4″ barbed nozzle cap
  • 1/4″ hose to feed seed opener (13′ of hose per opener supplied in basic kit)
  • 1″ hose to feed each manifold (90′ supplied in basic kit)
  • Main manifold splitter c/w mounting hardware
  • 1 1/2″ Filter assembly c/w mounting hardware
  • Pressure gauge assembly
  • Boom mounting hardware
  • Click here for more info: Even-Flo SK kit

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