Fertigation Fertilizer


'Fertigation' is the combined application of water and nutrients to a crop – a mix of fertilizer and irrigation. It can be adapted to all types of crops, but is most common in cash-crop segments, rather than broad-acre or arable crops.Yara has a wide range of fertigation and liquid fertilizers to meet any crop situation. Our full range of essential nutrients can be used in drip irrigation, sprinkler systems or pivot agriculture.

Our fertigation products include high-quality calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate and a full range of micronutrient chelates. They’re used in soil and fertigation applications, and can also be used as a source material for foliar products.

Chelates help overcome many problems associated with metallic ion tie-up in the soil by taking a positively charged metallic ion and turning it into a negative form that is less readily rendered unavailable in the soil.

They do so by “sealing” the nutrient in a protective structure that keeps it within the soil solution, effectively preventing nutrient loss.

Yara chelated products – devised by our partner Akzo Nobel – are produced from high-grade metals and suited to specific soil and crop situations.

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