Fertigation Systems

Fertigation works by delivering tiny precise amounts of fertilizer each time the sprinkler system operates. Fertilizer and other bio nutrients will be automatically injected into your irrigation system. Every time you water, the Rain Rich Fertigation System feeds the entire landscape and improves the soil for plant life. The technology itself is not new, and has been tested and perfected in the golf, agriculture, and horticulture industries for over 6 decades.

Thicker greener lawn
• Larger more robust flowers
• Increases soil fertility
• Trees and plants will be bigger and develop a stronger root system
• Healthier soil = better defense against disease and fungus
• Great absorption of nutrients
• Breaks down pesticides and destroys pathogens in soil
• Increases organic matter in soil = less irrigation required
• Increase root mass of plants = less irrigation required

How does Fertigation provide great results? 

• Fertigation provides consistent and precise application of nutrients
• Uniform distribution of nutrients creates a healthier landscape
• We control the delivery of fertilizer and nutrients
• Nutrients are delivered at the time when plants need it
• Application of liquid nutrients is #1 best method

What can I expect in terms of cost savings?

• Due to greater absorption of plants less fertilizer is required
• Less labor
• Water savings of up to 50%
• Healthier soil will result in less treatment of pesticides and herbicides
• Environmentally Safe + less trips to doctor

All fertilizer is used by plants both through their leaves and through their roots. There is little to none washing into our water supply or our bays.

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Here are just a few of our many compliments: 

“I love my fertigation system. We are really impressed with the results and my lawn has never looked healthier. I feel better knowing that the fertilizers are all natural and organic. My perennials grew twice as much the previous year, and best of all I didn’t have to worry about fertilizing.” Joe F. of Commack NY

“All my flowers and vegetables grow fast and have large flowers and fruits. I use to liquid feed all my plants and now my fertigation system does all the work for me.” John O. of East Northport NY

“I feel much better knowing that I am not wasting fertilizer and my lawn looks great” Mrs. B of Huntington NY

“I am very concerned about the health of my children and my pets and do not want anything on my property that might compromise their well being. Fertigation is the perfect solution for their safety while benefiting my landscape naturally.

“Scott S. of Huntington NY “I live by the water and do not want granular fertilizers washing into the Long Island sound.” Michael S. of Lloyd Harbor, NY.

“Based upon my research, synthetic fertilizers are petroleum products and applying synthetics is akin to applying oil to my lawn.” Barbara M. of Huntington, NY.

“My kids are always playing sports and rolling around on the lawn and I do not want them getting any kind of fertilizer on their skin” Evan G. of Oyster Bay, NY.

“My fertigation system feeds all my flowers and potted plants through my drip irrigation system. I never have to water or feed them it’s all taken care of automatically.” Bill K. of Port Washington, NY.

“I remodeled my house following LEEDS protocol and decided that fertigation made perfect sense for a healthier home and landscape.” Michael B. of Huntington Bay, NY.

“I entertain a lot outdoors during the summer and want my pool and patio to look their best without the stains and smell of synthetic fertilizer programs.” Alan A. of Muttontown, NY.

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