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Fertigation with pH Control System


Fertilize and control pH levels while you irrigate. The Fusion Fertigation system injects single or multiple fertilizers, and other water soluble products, into irrigation water while providing automated pH control. The efficient injection process and available controls will reduce manual labor. By partnering with industry telemetry companies we are able to offer computerized control of the Fusion system. Control each injection manually, with a set program, or with the fully automated computer control. With fully automated systems, monitoring and control can be performed remotely from an office computer, laptop, or smart phone. This also allows supervisors to ensure the proper fertigation schedule was applied.

Fusion Fertigation systems are designed on a per client basis to meet the exact application needed. Products injected, levels of control, and monitoring are all customizable.  This system never puts acid under pressure, and it mitigates over feeding, waste, and run-off.

  • Inject multiple fertilizer products simultaneously or sequenced to the parameters needed.
  • Multiple control options including manual,set programming, and fully automated systems.
  • Designed on a per client basis determined by their needs and application.
  • Adjustable fertilizer rate - consistently “spoon-feed” or apply heavily as needed.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Precise Control.
  • Fully automated pH control.
  • Easily change desired set point.
  • Acid is diluted in solution before injection.
  • Separate injection point for acid.
  • Multiple built in safeguards.

  • 220 VAC Single Phase
220 VAC Three Phase

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