Fertiliser Drills


Fertiliser placement is available on all Claydon drills. As we have dramatically expanded our markets across Europe we have witnessed a significant increase in demand from farmers looking to target place fertiliser with seed whilst drilling.


1500kg split hopper

Hopper will hold 750kg fertiliser / 750kg seed

1. Adjustable depth control

Allows farmers to adjust the depth of fertiliser placement

2. Double tool bar

Fitted as standard

3. Granular fertiliser

Option of putting granular fertiliser with seed or below the seed

4. Front mounted hopper

Keeps the weight near the tractor

5. 6. 2 x Accord metering units

Works through 2 channels on RDS Artemis electronics

Better crop establishment, plant nutrition, targeted placement and reduced inputs are all factors that are driving farmers back to combination seed and fertiliser drilling. Because the Claydon Strip Seeding System only works the soil within the immediate seeding zone and leaves the areas between undisturbed, Claydon drills can accurately place fertiliser within the seeding zone and ensure that fertiliser is exactly where the plant needs it. This avoids fertiliser being wasted on the 50% of ground that is not disturbed, so will ensure that the optimum number of nutrients are available to the young seedling, providing better utilisation and a potential fertiliser cost saving.

The Claydon team have developed technology which allows placement of liquid, granular and/or micro-granular fertiliser directly to the seeded strip.

With a range of application solutions on offer, Claydon users have various options to adapt their fertiliser placement to suit the situation:

  • Liquid fertiliser down the front tine (placing fertiliser below the seed)
  • Granular fertiliser down the front tine (placing fertiliser below the seed)
  • Granular fertiliser down the seeding tine (placing fertiliser with the seed)
  • Granular Fertiliser down the front tine + micro-granular fertiliser down seeding tine (placing fertiliser below the seed and micro-granular fertiliser with the seed)

All Claydon fertiliser options are available on new drills but can also be retro-fitted to existing drills.

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