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Fertiliser Spreading

Over 50% of the fertiliser spreading trucks in NZ run TracMap guidance and mapping systems and most of our customers report a 20% productivity gain! TracMap systems are extremely easy to use, and allow you to easily and cost effectively provide clients with proof of placement mapping, whilst also providing productivity gains of 20%+ and significant operational benefits.

  • Ability to drive at wider spacings, resulting in

    • Reduced distance travelled

    • More even fertiliser spread -(depending on CV pattern)

  • More productive hours, through

    • Ability to work into the night to finish a job

    • Easy to return and finish partially completed work

    • Easy to see what parts of a job completed on broken country and when in multiple paddocks

    • Not spending time looking for wheelmarks on dry country and in silage paddocks

    • Not having to slow to let dust clear in a following wind

  • Calculate paddock areas before starting work, and monitor area remaining while working

  • Accurate area calculation at the end of the job.

  • Considerably easier to train new drivers

  • Easy to use, meaning you can use relief drivers unfamiliar with GPS

  • Less stress and greater job enjoyment by drivers, as a result of being easier to do a quality job

  • Verify the quality of your work

  • Provides accountability for job quality by staff

  • Provides a simple method of meeting any traceability and audit requirements

  • Achieve protection from false claims for consequential damage as a result of negligence or applying in wrong location.

  • Ability to use maps as a means of billing clients, often before the truck has returned from a day's work

  • Reduced damage to equipment. Hazards displayed on screen

  • Easy to use menus and buttons

  • Draws a map on the screen, which makes it easy to see the area covered and remaining to cover while working

  • Ability to add and save hazards by customers, assisting repeat visits to customers

  • Option to import and display customers GPS farm maps

  • Transmit maps through the cellular network easily at the touch of a button

  • Mark position to return when refilling

  • Option to import and display customers GPS farm maps

  • Connects directly to Whitehead (recommended) and Transpread controllers

  • Can be used in non computer controlled spreaders

  • Can save up to 40 uncompleted jobs for later retrieval

  • Large 6.4 inch screen size for easy reading

  • Great daylight visibility, irrespective of sunlight conditions

  • Completely waterproof and dustproof, meaning you can operate in all environments

  • Swivel Dash Mounting for ease of placement and viewing

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