Fertilizer Chian Crusher


Website: http://fertilizer-machinery.com SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Contact Email: fanwayfertilizermachinery@gmail.com Introdction: The vertical chain fertilizer crusher manufactured by us is with simple operation, rational design, and high crushing efficiency. The fertilizer crusher is on hot sale. Easy Operation Fertilizer Crushing Machine Specifications Overall Dimension L×W×H (mm): 1000×730×1700, 1250×1000×2100 Production Capacity (t/h): 1-5,2-8 Motor power(KW): 15-22 Maximum size of entering granule(mm):≤60 Size after crushing(mm):<0.7 Fertilizer Grinder Features ● It is vertical chain crusher for middle size ● Crushing materials uniformly, smooth operation ● Not easy to stick on the wall and easy to clean ● It's the enemy of large lump materials ● Rational structure with removable back plate, convenient maintenance ● Small room occupation, high volume Application: Suitable for both bio-organic and compound fertilizer production line

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