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Fertilizer granule making machine - Tianci Equipment

Our company has designed a fertilizer granulator machine to specialize in the production of this agricultural slow-release granular fertilizer.

Fertilizer granulator machine makes the into solid particles, which makes the fertilizer easy to store and use. Fertilizer are present in the soil as solid particles, and nutrients are released slowly, so that their nutrients are more effective to plants.

Rotary drum granulator and disc granulator are suitable for granulation of various ingredients, and the obtained granules are of good quality and high granulation rate of materials. In the NPK fertilizer production process of disc pan granulator, the production situation can be seen directly, which is convenient to observe and adjust in time, and the granulation rate of compound fertilizer is high. Double roller fertilizer granulator makes the material into granules by extrusion method. The water content is not higher than 15%. Organic fertilizer granulator can agglomerate into granules by wet method, which has better granulating effect on the fermented compost materials.